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  • RunSales is a SFA&M (Sales Force Automation and Merchandising) mobile solution for managing and automating the sales and business management tools and making best decisions for the company in a short time, in various industries as: Distribution, FMCG, Retail, Logistics, Medicine and Public Sector.

    RunSalesThe system architecture is client/ server, this concept implying uniform management of conveyed information; as a result, the influence of information in a point of the system will be sent on-line or at the first synchronization through GPRS/ EDGE/ 3G or cable to all parts of the system with which it is in relationship, ensuring so an optimal level of application security and speed necessary to run a professional product.

    RunSales is running on Smartphone mobile devices, thereby providing a maximum degree of mobility and safety; provides the agent customer management, orders, receipts, target ceilings, achievements, promotions, messaging, etc.; on-line on GPRS/ EDGE/ 3G or local, on-site or warehouse through WiFi/ BT/ USB cable.

  • Depending on the area served, RunSales is a solution designed for enterprise environments and includes facilities for the following industries:

    Distribution, Retail – designed for automation and management of the sales team, RunSales is a complete solution for taking decisions needed to increase sales and business optimization.

    FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) – provides an integrated solution that is very important for companies that demand that supply products to the destination to be done in the shortest time and in the best conditions

    Transportation and Logistics – RunSales enables optimization of fleet management costs, speeding information transmision generated by deliveries and also enables the development and implementation of a real time ticketing, very important in the transport of persons

    Public and Governmental Sector – through various RunSales solution development and customization, our clients can manage local resources in the best possible way: parking spaces, provision of utility services, gathering information from the public, etc.;

    Healthcare – information and access to information becoming essential in carrying out activities in the health sector, RunSales is designed to be implemented where accurate, correct and real-time management and flow of information is needed. Thanks to the partnerships we have with leading manufacturers of communication equipment for the medical sector, RunSales can be an integral part of ecosystem health;

    Energetic Industry – There are many situations where you can process and transmit information from the areas of mining and energy only by using industrial equipment. More than that, the way data is accessed and modified is most of the times critical for companies. In all these cases RunSales is the best choice you can make.

    There are some characteristics that differentiate RunSales among the other solutions on the market:

    • The most reliable and performing mobile platform;
    • Compatibility for future customization with BlackBerry and Android platforms;
    • Automatic and real-time synchronization of the information;
    • The most secure information transfer (information  between mobile devices and server circulate encrypted in accordance to the banking standards);
    • High speed information access within the application;
    • Instant reports with a high speed execution;
    • Management module runs on Windows, Linux and Mac according to the banking standards;
    • Consultation in choosing the most reliable equipment;
    • Equipment supply is made directly by us, guarantying you the best prices thanks to our direct partnerships with industry leading manufacturers (e.g. Motorola, Microsoft, Baracoda, Zebra, Woos, etc.);
    • The possibility of renting the solution (server, licenses, backup, internet) for a monthly amount.

  • IQsfa is divided into separate modules, depending on the scope or responsibility of its particular users:

    1. Sales Representatives Module
    2. Admin and Management Module
    3. Server Module.

  • Technology (minimum requirements)

    Sales Representative Module: Rugged Mobile Computers with MS Windows CE 5, MS Windows Mobile 6, Android 4.0
    Admin and Management Module: Desktop/ laptop with Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux; tablets with iOS 7.0 or Android 4.0
    Server Module: SO: Windows Server 2008; Databases: Oracle 9, MSSQL 2005, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 9