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  • MobTaxi is a simple, comprehensive, intuitive, and customizable application designed for taxi customers and taxi companies in order to perform taxi orders directly from smartphones using a fast system designed to satisfy all groups of users.

    MobTAXI_clientAlready available to Android and iOS users, in order to reach as many smartphone users, MobTaxi is also in development for BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone.


  • There are some characteristics that differentiate MobTaxi among the other solutions on the market:

    1. Taxi company oriented (image, area control), with specific features meant to facilitate processes.

    2. “White label” application – the app will have the taxi company name and will be customized at the following levels:
    a. Taxi drivers fields (name, picture, sex etc.) and those what must be completed by client (smoker, pet, luggage, etc.);
    b. Prioritizing taxi system according to different characteristics;
    c. The three incremental searching areas to locate the nearest taxi;
    d. Customer interface and taxi driver interface (this customization is done only by the app developer).

    3. Saved time and money resources by using an architecture that requires minimum technology resources and does not require additional hardware (alleged hidden costs of similar solutions)

    4. Technical support during and after the implementation period;

    5. Module structured application;

    6. Easily adapted to your needs without monthly commissions.

  • 1. Smartphone Client Module:
    The client downloads the free app on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) and signs up with user name and password. He/ she signs in with chosen user data and the position on the map is immediately located, and he/ she can now follow intuitive steps in order to select its position on the map, fill in a form with features of the cab and the driver, accept the offered cab, chat with the driver, gives a feedback at the end of the drive.

    MobTAXI Diagram

    2. Taxi Driver Module:
    Once the taxi driver logs into the app in the dedicated taxi module, he has access to a highly functional and intuitive interface with: taxi position on the map, single-click accept of order, notification to new order, chat with the customer for details, SOS button, view route to reach the customer.

    3. Dispatcher module:
    After authentication of the operator in a dedicated account, when entering his shift, the dedicated dispatcher module: takes orders from client, recognizes existing customers and saves addresses of new customers, communicates directly to the customer the taxi ID and estimated time, orders that cannot be complied by the driver module will be communicated to drivers via remote station, monitors taxi drivers’ behavior, archives orders in a database, supervises drivers on the map in real time.

  • Technology (minimum requirements)

    Sales Representative Module: Android 4.0 tablet, iPad iOS 7.0, BlackBerry OS 6/ 7 versions
    Admin and Management Module: Desktop/ laptop with Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux; tablets with iOS 7.0 or Android 4.0
    Server Module: SO: Windows Server 2008; Databases: Oracle 9, MSSQL 2005, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 9