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  • Mob-IO is a mobile application that helps user to safely deliver information and reports from their business data centers straight on their smartphone or tablet. All you need is a smartphone/tablet running and a few minutes to set up your environment. And it is as easy as it sounds!


    Who does Mob-IO help?
    Whether you are
    –          a sales representative in a small company and urgently need access to stocks, prices and details of products or
    –          a store owner and want to see a statement of revenue in your company accounting software to make payments to a specific supplier or
    –          a manager in a multinational and you need immediate access to business reports on a server located thousands of miles away,
    Mob-IO allows, facilitates and speeds up access to data you need, regardless of their nature.

  • Thanks to Mob-IO, everything happens NOW, not “when I will get at work or home”! In this way, you will not miss important moments in your life anymore, either personal or business, and you will be able to use your time, information and financial resources efficiently.

    As the name says, Mob-IO is a mobile reporting solution that allows you to: cut costs, increase profit and streamline the business processes in your organization, but most important to connect you to the benefits involved by the mobility and speed age, by offering centralized and customizable remote mobile access to your information resources.

    From the consumer to the corporate customers, any smartphone user can benefit from Mob-IO solution at an annual cost per user extremely affordable and with a lot of benefits:
    –          an extremely friendly application both for user and IT responsible, thanks to accessible use and implementation
    –          time and cost savings at all the procedural levels
    –          extremely easy integration with IT devices
    –          the application is installed and configured in the control panel (presence in locations in which the systems or servers are not necessary anymore)
    –          works on any internet line with a very low traffic and high upload speed (by means of this application the problem of opening many ports to access information disappears)
    –          the information security is maximized

  • The smartphone module:
    All you need on your mobile is a very intuitive and already configured interface, to access the information you need and are allowed to access from the company data resources. 

    The administration module:
    Mob-IO Studio, the configurable interface of the application, you have complete control on what gets displayed on your smartphone. You may create windows, add controls and attach some private or public data which is stored on your Datacenter. Basically you are creating your own application; we just provide a safe, fast and visually intuitive mean to do so!

  • Technology (minimum requirements)

    Smartphone Module: Android 4.0, iOS 7.0, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10.1
    Mob-IO Studio:  Windows XP
    Database engines: Oracle 9, MSSQL 2005, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 9