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  • The best mobile solution for manufacturing, retail and distribution companies

    We all know that every business development is generated by the sales force, regardless of how they make it – products direct selling, consulting services selling, etc. Precisely for this reason, beginning with IQteh, the sales process is ideal.


    IQsfa is a Sales Force Automation (SFA) class system (sales support system) which offers comprehensive operation of a point of sale by mobile sales representatives, in order to fulfill the requirements of sales, trade marketing and logistics departments.

    Not just another mobile sales system, IQsfa is a reliable and comprehensive tool, enabling effective management of mobile sales forces supporting both modern and traditional sales channels.

    IQsfa allows you to you access all your necessary resources directly on your smartphone:

    • Plan visits to customers, accordingly to your schedule
    • Take orders directly on the mobile
    • Check stock products in real time
    • Verify customer outstanding, when at the client location
    • Draw up mobile accounting documents (invoices, receipts)
    • Use GPS facilities to locate yourself and the clients on the map

    Some unique advantages on the SFA solutions market:

    • The only solution that uses NFC technology advantages in implementing SFA solution features;
    • The only solution available on all the main mobile platforms on the market (iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile);
    • The only solution that can simultaneously work multiplatform (in the same company, it can work on BlackBerry, Samsung or iPhone devices, at the same time);
    • The Desktop Management module (admin, sales fleet management, reports tracking etc.) is available on multiplatform (Linux, OS X, Windows);
    • Implementation and functionality not conditioned by a certain ERP solution;
    • The most advanced solution of discount, pricing and promotions configuration policy;
    • The only solution internationally awarded (“EMEA Innovation Awards 2011”, BlackBerry Summit, December 2011, Alicante, Spain);
    • Implementation not conditioned by certain equipment;
    • Developed in an official partnership with the main mobile technology vendors in the area: Samsung, BlackBerry, Orange, Vodafone, Motorola, Apple, Asus;
    • Mobile printing module (both for receipts and invoices) successfully developed and implemented in direct partnerships with: Zebra, O’Neil, Sewoo, Woosim;
    • Perfect integration with Mob-IO (also a Qualteh application) for IQsfa and other business applications reports on the smartphone;
    • Initialize / reset of a phone in 5-10 seconds, by a IQsfa owned capsule;
    • Easy use: any operation in maximum 3 steps;
    • Contact Management System integrated in IQsfa and recognition of the contacts saved in the application directly in the call or dial interface (green writing for the IQsfa information);
    • Automatically transfer of the visits and reload when signal lack, without agent intervention;
    • IQsfa location for different countries depending on every company structure (IQsfa is available in Romanian, English, German and Hungarian).
  • As a SFA&M mobile solution (Sales Force Automation and Management) for management and sales automation, IQsfa is an important tool in business management and for taking the best decisions in a short time.

    The architecture of our solution is a client/ server one, concept that implies uniform management of information; as a result, the information placed in one point of the system will be sent to all parts on-line. This provides an optimal degree of security and speed and enables you to run applications efficiently.

    The benefits of this solution are multiple:

    • Real-time information access (financial terms and balance situation of the client, stocks on every storehouse, discount and promotions complex system, instant update of the information in the system, mobile bidding at the client location);
    • Accurate and easy management for the entire sales fleet (customized settings on clients or products, GPS tracking of every agent, GPS setting on the map for every client, call log with received and sent phone calls for every agent);
    • Van Sales Module integrated, for sale at the customer location and instant billing (financial documents mobile printing and real time transfer of information in the ERP applications);
    • Reports features, with real-time situation of client sales, visits, offers, orders, invoices, receipts, returns, balances etc.).
  • IQsfa is divided into separate modules, depending on the scope or responsibility of its particular users:

    1. Sales Representatives Module
    2. Admin and Management Module
    3. Server Module.

  • Technology (minimum requirements)

    Sales Representative Module: Android 4.0 tablet, iPad iOS 7.0, BlackBerry OS 6/ 7 versions
    Admin and Management Module: Desktop/ laptop with Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux; tablets with iOS 7.0 or Android 4.0
    Server Module: SO: Windows Server 2008; Databases: Oracle 9, MSSQL 2005, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 9