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  • Best mobile business solution for Sales Team Management and Customer Relationship Management and the first solution designed from the start for mobile platforms and then for desktop, with the same image on both the terminal units (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices), tablets and computers, IQcrm offers you better customer relationships and the streamlining of internal activities, for better and faster sales and with customer satisfaction guaranteed, thanks to the constant feedback.


    You will soon bring new customers in your portfolio and improve relationships with existing clients, offering to the sales force directly on mobile phones the information necessary to optimize customer relationships.

    Even if CRM solutions are somehow a must-have of the moment, we are able to offer you some strong attributes of IQcrm:

    • Mobile office, thanks to the same interface on terminal units like BlackBerry, Android and iPhone as well as on tablets and computers
    • Intelligent IQ solution, the IQ menu allowing a speedy account setting (new account, contact and opportunity) without accessing other menus
    • The sixth sense, thanks to its intuitive interface, user-friendly design and optimal architecture that turns IQcrm into the best solution for any successful business
    • Documents on the move, being very easy for each user to get access from anywhere to marketing and identity materials (folders, brochures, data sheets and product presentations), commercial terms, contract drafts, client offers etc., when the sales representative visits the customer
    • Easy budget, because if you frequently need a budget assessment in order to successfully complete a business (protocol, marketing, advertising budgets), IQcrm makes this process easy and reliable
    • Online support, that brings the user an important advantage in being in contact with the support requirements addressed by the clients
    • Completely cloud, offering a complete application without any investments in infrastructure, software and equipment

    Thanks to all its attributes and the benefits to the client, IQcrm is the perfect solution for turning your office into a mobile business space.

  • First of all, IQcrm offers you transparency and control over all activities, both internal and external, that involve interaction with clients or potential clients, ensuring a coherent and unique communication with the external environment of the company and streamlining information exchange within the company.

    No matter the client company size, the benefits are numerous and enormous:

    • Increased effectiveness and greater job satisfaction, by integration of the mobile user into the core processes and procedures established as part of the CRM initiative by allowing them to work the way their business environment requires;
    • Improved quality and timelines of the customer data added to the CRM system; faster and easier data input resulting in more data added to the customer record, this meaning more timely, accurate, and complete data.
    • Sales or service processes  streamlining and acceleration, thanks to the fact that information can be immediately retrieved or requested, this resulting in on-the-spot problem solving, with no more to-do’s and follow-up action;
    • Increasing customer satisfaction through greater responsiveness from the field professional and customer service and support, especially through streamlining urgent questions and requests onto the appropriate parties;
    • Increasing revenue for field sales teams, by more efficient movement of opportunities through the pipeline, resulting in the advantage that mobile sales professional has the flexibility to visit more clients and close more deals, sooner.

    Under-The-Hood Ground-up design to match client sales process
    All customisations are native, not addon modules
    State-of-the art SQL engine
    Architecture focused on Covenience, Ease of Choice and Security&Confidence
    Easy deployment
    Centralized updates&upgrades
    High Scalability – designed for future developments
    Single-user Sign-On for all components
    Anytime-Anywhere – secure web access or native handset client
    Works with both HQ-deployed server
    Works with data-center hosted physical server
    User Front-End User Interface designed to for fast adoption, ease of access and use
    Centered on sales and efficency, but includes also marketing and service processes
    User interface will be available in Romanian, English and Deutsch
    Activity Tracking
    Basic and Advanced (including Business Intelligence&data mining) reporting
    Full range of realtime analytics
    External (Customer) Relationship Management
         Lead Management, SALES FUNNEL Management – Process walk-trough
         In-Life Customers Management, Lost Accounts Management
         Management of interactions (mails, calls, sms, visits), Calendar Planning, ToDo and Reminders
         Customer relationship guiding
         Provides traceability of past actions and an acurate forecast on future results
         Marketing and organisation-wide Customer Service
    Internal (Company) Relationship Management
         Integrates with internal processes & procedures
         YtD, MtD Target Achievement Visibility
         Approval flow for Commercial Conditions (eg: supplementary discounts)
    Communications Connectors E-mail Connector
         Process all inbound and outbound email from Email Server
    Fixed Telephony (PABX/ CTI) Connector
         Process inbound(missed received) real-time call logs
         Outbound (dialed answered and unanswered) real-time call logs
    Mobile Telephony (GSM) Connector
         Process inbound(missed and received) real-time call logs
         Process outbound (dialed answered and unanswered) real-time call logs
         Process inbound and outbound sms
    Database/ ERP Connectors Automaster connector
         Process all service appointments
         Info about customer, date of visit to service/ store
         Notify salesman about customer presence on premises, prefferences
         Process issued invoices
         Process total invoice value, products/ solutions/ services
    Office-Cat connector
         Update the Stock and Stock forecast information connector
         Client 360 info database
         Prospects and lead qualification source database
    Decision Support Systems Reporting
         Customizable reports for General Management, Sales Management, Sales Representatives
    Business intelligence
         Customizable algorithms on predictibility and notifications
    Productivity Systems Forms Generator
         Offer to client
         Evaluation of service quality
         Contracts final sale
         Contracts down-payments
         Feedback from customers
    Marketing (mailing and forms)
         Birthday Cards
         Holiday Greetings
         Notifications on new products available
    QR Code Product Offers + Lead generator
    Android Sales Force Automator Android App (secured via Samsung Knox)
         Native application running in a secure and supervized enviorment
         Replicates all CRM and Value Added Services to mobile sales executives

  • The proposed solution is a turnkey client-server solution, configured for customer processes. It is the ideal solution for management and automation of sales, important tools in the management of the company and best business decisions taken in a short time.

    IQcrm diagram

    The solution is built on a client-server architecture, concept that involves unified management of information. The influence of information entered into the system at a point (from any desktop computer, laptop or smartphone) will be visible in all modules of the solution according to the access hierarchy.

    The solution is constructed multi-module and multi-user with access levels on modules:

    1. Information Input Module;
    2. Call Center Module;
    3. Sales Desktop Module;
    4. Sales Smartphone Module;
    5. Desktop Reporting Module;
    6. Smartphone Reporting Module;
    7. Administration Module.

    Users have access to modules depending on the type of user privileges they are associated to:

    • administrator (full access to modules);
    • manager (access to all modules, except Administration);
    • input (access to Information Input Module only);
    • call center (access to Call Center Module only);
    • sales (access to  Sales  Desktop Module and  Sales Smartphone Module only).
  • Technology (minimum requirements)

    Sales Representative Module: Android 4.0, iOS 7.0, BlackBerry OS 6/ 7/ 10
    Admin and Management Module: Desktop/ laptop with Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OS X; tablet PC with iOS 7.0 or Android 4.0
    Server Module: SO: Linux; Databases: Oracle 9, My SQL 5, Postgre SQL 9