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  • Companies in various areas of business are searching for ways to consistently and effectively provide current business information and data that individuals could act upon immediately in order to increase the productivity of the business.

    The challenge for everyone is to find a way to make real time information (with different data sources) available and accessible on the same media support.This timely information needs to be delivered to all levels of employees in a format appropriate to each level, from the executive offices to the manufacturing floor.

    IQboard_DisplaysOur solution, IQboard, is an appropriate medium for this task. Not only does it make the information (from videos to live feeds) available to everyone and allows users to manage what and when is displayed on each display, but it also ensures maximum visibility that could not be easily ignored and would promote collaborative behavior.

    Even more, the software component of the solution allows the fast link between various databases (both document and business solutions) and a large range of display devices (large format displays, industrial displays, tablet PCs and industrial PCs).

    The management of the displays is an easy one and does not require the involvement of a very technical responsible, due to its intuitive drag & drop configuration panel included in the software solution. Thus, either if the displays are meant for use in production, on company halls, in healthcare institutions, retail locations or parking areas, the information on the screen can be easily administrated by a department manager or other responsible.

  • Notes, images, schedules, time counters, calendars, charts, videos, everything designed for a public display can get from creators to users. Companies can display different kinds of messages, thanks to the attributes of our complete IQboard solution:

    – user-based solution with no need for a programmer to run it;

    – real-time access to the information, for much better informed employees;

    – transparent internal communication and tracking of various processes in the company;

    – various information displayed, thanks to a very intuitive and permissive management interface;

    – easy management of information on the display (although IT staff is involved in the implementation of new display installations, they are not necessary for the day-to-day management of the content).

  • IQboard is an extremely effective way to communicate or promote your business among employees and customers through a concept very simple to explain, in a few steps:

    1. we are implementing the complete IQboard solution (hardware and software) within your company: mount displays (large or tablet) in a high visibility area (production hall, lounge, reception, large work offices, dining hall, shop etc.) and train you to properly use the software application;

    2. your IT responsible creates application users inside your company and assigns them rights to use the displays;

    3. users in your company (department managers, secretary, marketing etc.) manage the content that will run on displays allocated to them through a very simple and intuitive drag & drop interface, that does not require any IT knowledge and can be made by any employee.

    IQboard diagram

  • Manufacturing

    • Communicate to employees and visitors
    • Provide maps and wayfinding
    • Display schedules, metrics, productivity
    • Promote company, products, services
    • Broadcast training and hand-on



    • Promote products, sales, specials
    • Enhance customer experience
    • Educate customers and employees
    • Launch new products and collections
    • Entertain and loyalty customers



    • Inform students, teachers and visitors
    • Promote educational programs, classes and awards
    • Show maps and wayfinding information
    • Broadcast news, weather, trainings
    • Display website content


    • Inform visitors and patients
    • Promote medical products, services and providers
    • Deliver healthcare information and advice
    • Entertain patients and visitors in waiting areas
    • Provide patient vital information and live streaming in operatory

    Public Sector

    • Inform citizens and taxpayers
    • Promote events and public services
    • Educate citizens and visitors
    • Broadcast news, weather, real-time event
    • Communicate local decisions

  • Technology (minimum requirements)

    Setup Module: Desktop/ laptop with Microsoft Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux; any browser
    Display Module: large format/ industrial display or tablet PC with Android 4.0


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