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  • The growth of every business is generated by the sales force, no matter the way it is done (products, services or solutions). For great sales, follow up and perfect client relations, companies primarily need more time to draw and implement the sales strategy.


    Working with clients that activate in this area, we found that sales become increasingly loaded with related problems:

    • Information loss or damage (orders taken and processed incorrectly),
    • Constant need for better equipment in the companies (computers, servers, expensive Internet connections, software licenses, maintenance),
    • Invoices and receipts issued in the field, harder to register.

    All these have led us to develop the most ingenious online platform designed for mobility –IQteh – that gives you the opportunity to see the sale processes quite differently, in an ideal way, on any smartphone that operates with one of the main mobile platforms (Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, iOS) no matter if you use one or all the modules integrated in the IQteh suite.

  • Pioneer in implementing the Enterprise Cloud Computing approach, the IQteh platform is based on three essential principles:
    INTELLIGENCE – always the best programmers
    QUALITY – always best quality
    TECHNOLOGY – always the best technology

    The IQTeh-platform emphasizes on:

    Performance – The applications increase the sales revenue, the decision-making and management process and the optimization of business meetings and of the employees.

    Safety and Availability – all the information you need are always protected and available to you. You do not need to invest in servers, computers, disks, and security solutions – these are all benefits of “cloud computing” platform, which means the IQteh platform.

    You pay only as much you need – In our opinion, in no case you have to pay more than you need from an application! That is the exact point where IQteh succeeded, by introducing the payment per subscription for the applications you need and only for flexible periods. These applications allow you to use BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iOS and Android smartphones, in order to optimize and develop your business.

  • IQteh architecture can be presented simple in terms of software and hardware, having a three level structure:

    Level 1 – Database server which provides application logic. At this level is the accessing, storing, importing and exporting of data, analytical tools and data management and integration capabilities with other data sources.

    Level 2 – Application Server is the level at which most data processing takes place. It also makes the connection between Level 1 and Level 3 – user.

    Level 3 – The user, who may be in the case of the platform: fixed – desktop manager; or mobile- the agent. From the manager-level you can configure all application activities and structure, rights and operation of each agent, and the preparation of reports and analysis.

    The hardware architecture really brings technological novelty by providing the User access to infrastructure at Level 1 and 2. All equipment (servers, network, license, archiving), the connection structure between servers and equipment maintenance are given, starting with IQteh, to use directly from the Qualteh datacenter.

    The only requirement for using the applications on the platform is to equip with mobile devices (see every solution, for technical requirements and compatibilities) and Internet access. The communication protocol used by IQteh platform will guarantee full security of information.

  • IQboard is a software solution for displays management that makes information (from videos to live feeds) available to everyone in the location and allows users to manage what and when is displayed on each display, but it also ensures maximum visibility that could not be easily ignored and would promote collaborative behavior. (More…)

    IQsfa is a Sales Force Automation (SFA) class system (sales support system) which offers comprehensive operation of a point of sale by mobile sales representatives, in order to fulfill the requirements of sales, trade marketing and logistics departments. (More…)

    IQroute is a turnkey customer-server solution configured to customer processes, the ideal solution for managing communication between coordinators and drivers. (More…)

    IQcrm offers you better customer relationships and the streamlining of internal activities, for better and faster sales and with customer satisfaction guaranteed, thanks to the constant feedback, all these making it the best mobile business solution for Sales Team Management and Customer Relationship Management. (More…)