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Schedule your meetings efficiently


> Book&Meet

  • Book&Meet is a meeting room booking software application that makes it easy to manage meeting rooms and resources (video projector, board, microphone, video conference solution, flipchart etc.) and to book a room anywhere in the company.

    Through a very intuitive and familiar interface, our meeting room booking software makes it easy to check the availability of a room, schedule new appointments and modify your old ones. The application automatically updates the meeting room displays and informs the secretary regarding the protocol needs, with the meeting details.


    Book&Meet effectively does away with the possibility of double booked rooms thanks to its efficient and advanced features and its update in real time between users and meeting room displays. With access by permission on laptop, desktop or smartphone (iOS), your workforce can easily benefits from the application features:

    • Extremely easy to setup and use;
    • Can be accessed by a browser, so no installation required for each user;
    • Very intuitive interface;
    • View all the meeting rooms and the afferent facilities for each;
    • Book rooms from the Web, your mobile device or your desktop/laptop;
    • You can create repeated bookings easily;
    • Booking views available for any day, week, or month;
    • User involved in a meeting will be notified by email when a meeting, with all the details.

  • Thanks to the features included, Book&Meet can be used by a wide range of different companies and organizations in many different ways:
    – Enterprise Centers, Incubation Centers, Private Offices
    – Editing and Art Studios
    – Recruitment Companies
    – Dance, TV & Music Studios
    – Community Centers, Government facilities
    – School Halls, Universities, Libraries
    – Serviced offices, Law and Accounts companies
    – Hotels, Conference Centers
    – Beauty Salons, Health Centers, Sports Centers
    – Private Hospitals

    No matter which category you are part of, your benefits are multiple:

    • Efficiency, accessibility and time saving;
    • Multi-user application, read and write together with multiple users;
    • Room availability details easily obtainable and up to date;
    • Double-booking eliminated;
    • Quickly meeting room availability review and meeting attendees view;
    • Meetings easy to arrange, reschedule or cancel, thanks to the very intuitive calendar form;
    • Attendees quickly informed via email of changes in status to a meeting.

  • Book&Meet is structured on three modules, each with its features and with levels of access on modules:

    1. Administration Module (accessible only by the IT responsible, via web)
    – meeting rooms and afferent facilities introductions (video projector, board, microphone, videoconference solution, flipchart etc.);
    – user management.

    2. User Module (accessible by users, on smartphones and desktop/laptop, via web), with various features:
    – calendar interface;
    – existent meetings visualization;
    – creating new meetings;
    – deleting, moving and modifying the meetings created;
    – searching through the meetings already scheduled;
    – protocol option (one can check if protocol is needed for a specific meeting);
    – recurrence function;
    – full calendar functionality.

    3. Meeting Room Display Module (the module of the application displayed on tablet PC on every meeting room door):
    – intuitive interface;
    – “now” and “next” time intervals, with real timing and details of the meeting in progress.

  • Technology (minimum requirements)

    Administration Module: any PC (notebook/ desktop), with internet connection and any browser
    User Module: any PC (notebook/ desktop), with internet connection and any browser; or smartphones with iOS or Android
    Meeting Room Display Module: tablet PC with Android