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Vision, mission, values


> Vision, mission, values
Quality software

At Qualteh, we follow a business philosophy that allows us to put talent, youth and technology in a common equation whose result is the creation of a better working and living environment, both for organizations and for individual users.

Knowing our knowledge, capacity, workforce and that we can rely on each other, we make promises. And keep promises, working towards goals together.

To achieve both our goals and those of our customer, we work as a team, with responsibility and efficiency, aiming the supreme goal: quality. Our technical knowledge and attention to details guarantee best quality services.

The key to success of our work is communication. That is why we are interested in fast circulation of information from us to the client and, even more important, that this information get back to us, feedback being a key factor in finding the right solutions to customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

The company is about people. We invest in our employees – our engine and the best promotional tool. Therefore we rely on young, inspired and confident people, well-armed against the cap and with the courage to embrace new opportunities and challenges.

When our customers are successful, this success is transferred back to us. Same for our partners. Thus, we aim to behave as a mechanism in which all components lead to a better functioning of the system.