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New bridges to the “mobile” clients, through a very simple, comprehensive, intuitive, and customizable application designed for taxi companies that intent to keep pace with latest trends.

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Close anywhere. Efficient distribution and sales force management thanks to IQsfa, built on the IQteh platform and implemented nationwide, to connect agents with company databases, in real time.

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Sell from anywhere, anytime. Mobile devices and SFA application benefits for making every moment a selling one, connecting the sales agents with the stocks, client and financial situation in the company.

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Increased efficiency of the sales force thanks to our SFA application, implemented on mobile devices, for instant connection to leads, contacts, accounts and critical business information for a fast sale.

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Rotta Natura

Distribution efficiency and client satisfaction through IQsfa solution integrated on the sales force mobile devices, for best distribution of their products and best management of stocks, clients and sales force.

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Boglar Champ

Production monitoring and employees compen-sation accordingly to their efforts, through an integrated solution that permits data input and processing, in real time, for every worker.

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