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Qualteh was established in 2009, in Timisoara, by Moise Jurca and Lucian Raduti, two young graduates of the Faculty of Computer Science (Technical University of Timisoara). Since the beginning, the main goal of the company was to develop software solutions for mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, at that time). This was a natural effect of the thing that the two initiators had already developed a software solution awarded by Microsoft, at Binary 2008, as the “Best Solution on A Mobile Platform”.

Since 2009, Qualteh JR has kept its leadership team and its structure and has developed software solutions meant to answer various needs of important companies in Romania, leaders on their specific markets. This helped Qualteh JR win and keep the position as the number one company in the development and innovation of tailored solutions for sales force in Romania.

Our main projects:

  • 2009 – Full automation of the sales
    Qualteh begins the RunSales solution development, whose first implementation is done at Monte Banato (the largest producer of pasta, now part of Gruppo Colussi), with the full automation of sales in the company as a result.

    2009 – New industry door opened: Automotives
    Qualteh approaches a new market by developing software solutions for multinational companies in Automotives: timekeeping, warehouse management, HR management and Quality management solutions. To mention here:  TimeKeep, TimeTrack, EasyHR and QualCrimp). The first client those solutions were implemented to is Alcoa Fujikura Romania SRL (now SE Bordnetze Romania). Different modules of those solutions were also implemented at TRW and Nadab Automotive Products, with great results.

    The end of 2009 – Motorola partnership
    Qualteh becomes Motorola strategic partners, so it can use Motorola technologies in developing mobile solutions inside Qualteh.

  • The beginning of 2010 – first solutions for the Utilities Industry
    As a result of the partnership with Motorola, Qualteh develops the “Home Payment” (“Plata acasa”, RO) solution, for SIND SERV, a company that collects electricity services payments for ENEL S.A, the electricity provider in Romania

    Summer 2010 – new born: IQteh platform
    Qualteh begins the development of IQteh platform, with RIM (BlackBerry) as the main partner

    Summer 2010 – new partnerships with mobile operators
    Qualteh starts new partnerships with Vodafone Romania and Orange Romania; as a result, Qualteh becomes supplier of mobile solutions in the projects developed of these two main mobile operators in Romania

    October 2010 – IQteh in the spotlight
    Qualteh participates in the BlackBerry Summit in Berlin, where it presents the first version of the IQteh platform.

  • Spring 2011 – IQsfa, the first solution developed in the IQteh platform
    Qualteh begins implementing the IQsfa (Sales Force Automation and Merchandising) solution at one of the main providers of FMCG products in Romania (ELGEKA SRL, on top 3 at that moment)

    Summer 2011 – IQsfa in Production and Distribution companies
    Qualteh and Orange start a promotional campaign oriented to corporate companies, clients of the mobile operator, in order to implement IQsfa in the production and distribution companies.

    October 2011 – IQteh awarded by BlackBerry
    Qualteh is nominated and wins with IQteh at BlackBerry Summit in Alicante, the ”Accelerating Innovation for Entrepreneurs: Starting and Growing a Small Business” award.

  • Spring 2012 – Mobile World Congress participation
    Qualteh’s first participation in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with the whole IQteh platform. This participation was a premiere for Romania, which participated for the first time with an official exhibition stand in this prestigious event.

    Spring 2012 – ice cream sales management with IQsfa
    One of the main ice cream producers in Romania – Ice Dyp – choses Qualteh to collaborate with for IQsfa and Field Force Management solutions.

    March 2012 – BlackBerry World Conference participation
    Qualteh participates for the first time in BlackBerry World Conference, in Orlando, America

    June 2012 – enterprise market approach
    Qualteh starts a collaboration for the enterprise market with Samsung Mobile, in order to use the Samsung and Android technologies in developing new mobile application.

    September 2012 – Production management solution
    Qualteh starts implementing a new solution meant to manage production processes at Plastique Form Romania.

    November 2012 – CRM and Call Center solutions
    The main car dealer in Western Romania – Auto Schunn – decides to implement IQcrm, with a customized module for the Call Center Department, for best client management and satisfaction achievement.

    November 2012 – BlackBerry Elite status for Qualteh
    Qualteh receives the BlackBerry Elite status, being the only company in EMEA with this status

  • February 2013 – Mob-IO at Mobile World Congress
    Qualteh’s second participation in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where it launches Mob-IO, an innovative solution meant to bring business closer to the user, by facilitating the access to the business applications and data on the smartphone, in a very intuitive way.

    April 2013 – Qualteh and Apple on the enterprise market
    Foerch choses to implement the Qualteh solutions in order to automate the sales force on the iOS mobile platform (on iPAD). Through this project, the partnership between Qualteh and Apple on the enterprise market is formalized.

    May 2013 – MobTAXI on the market
    One of the main TAXI companies in Romania – TUDO Taxi – choses Qualteh to provide a complete solution that will facilitate customers command a taxi on their smartphones. MobTAXI is developed for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

  • January 2014 – Book&Meet release: meeting rooms booking app for enterprise
    Enterprises have few meeting rooms and many employees to use them. Who, how and when are the questions that introduce trouble when using them. Book&Meet naturally came as a solution to these situations, offering features that allow and help users manage meeting rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere in the company. The solution was immediately adopted by TMD Friction, one of the main braking solutions manufacturer in the world.

    February 2014 – Book&Meet, IQsfa and Mob-IO live demos at Mobile World Congress
    Qualteh’s third participation in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with live demos on three of our main solutions, that were very well received by targeted companies.

    June 2014 – IQboard on the market
    Targeting two main audiences, the new solution developed by Qualteh can be described both as a communication solution to share info with employees, and as an advertising platform to communicate with customers, allowing to manage different messages across multiple locations. Initially developed for an international sanitary ceramics manufacturer, IQboard absorption on the market is increasing every day.

    August 2014 – Local leaders in sanitary ceramics, part of Villeroy&Boch, choose IQboard for their production hall
    Mondial SA, one of the main sanitary ceramics producers in Romania, part of Villeroy & Boch, choose IQboard for their plant in Lugoj. Five 55″ NEC professional displays with embedded controllers, provided within the project, guarantee 24/7 running of the custom IQboard software that extracts, processes and displays real-time production data.

    October 2014 – Software Prototyping and Mobile App Development Contract by ESA awarded to Solenix-led consortium, with Qualteh as subcontractor
    Earlier this year, ESA released an open invitation to tender for an activity encompassing software prototyping and mobile app development. The contract was awarded to an international consortium led by Solenix Deutschland GmbH (DE) with ASRC Srl (RO), GISAT s.r.o. (CZ), Progressive Systems Srl (IT) and Qualteh JR Srl (RO) as subcontractors.

    November 2014 – Custom Book&Meet, in multinational automotive company, Contitech
    One of the multinational automotive companies in Romania – Contitech – chooses Book&Meet for 10 meeting rooms and offices in their plant in Timisoara. Together with the existent displaying features of the solution, the multinational company opted for interconnection with IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes), they already had implemented at group level. With the standard platform and the demanded customisation, Contitech also asked for the hardware component: 10” tablet PCs and wall mounting enclosures for 10 meeting rooms and offices in the company.

    December 2014 – Contitech choose IQboard for one of their plants in Romania
    Contitech, global leaders in rubber and plastic technology, choose to implement IQboard at one of their Timisoara plant. Data extraction, processing and visualization features of IQboard, tailored to customer needs, are now helping employees of the automotive multinational company in their daily work. The hardware component of the implemented solution are the nine 46″ NEC devices, installed in the production hall.

  • January 2015 – TMD Friction choose IQboard for their plant in Caransebes
    TMD Friction, global leaders in brake friction technology, choosed to implement our digital signage platform at their Caransebes Plant. Data extraction, processing and visualization features of IQboard are now helping employees of the automotive multinational company improve and ease their job activities. The latest IQboard feature – interactive meetings – was also demanded of the beneficiary company, who can now use de IQboard displays for sharring and manipulating documents during meetings: open, zoom in/out and turn pages within documents, using the smartphone as a presenter or a remote control. With the software platform, TMD Friction also asked for 15 hardware component: 40”-55” Samsung display able to continously run the IQboard solution.

    March 2015 – Digital Signage and Meeting Room Booking solutions for Qualteh at MWC 2015
    At its fifth participation in Mobile World Congress, Qualteh introduces its latest applications to the public, targeting verticals as manufacturing, retail, healthcare and education. IQboard (a very complex digital signage solution) and Book&Meet (meeting room booking and displaying software) show their best.

    April 2015 – Johnson Controls uses IQboard for one of their Seats Division
    Johnson Controls, one of the main automotive companies in the world, choosed to implement IQboard at their Seats Division in Jimbolia, Romania, to manage two shipping areas. The company opted for a customized IQboard module for logistics workers access, for storage space systematisation purpose.

    May 2015 – New IQboard module on the market, for interactive meetings
    Qualteh announces the release of a new IQboard module – IQboard Meeting – a module o interactive meeting, which facilitates the display of digital content and allows to control it directly from user’s smartphone, through the native mobile app developed on iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile platforms.

    June 2015 – First IQboard implementantion in harsh conditions, in an aluminum factory
    Hammerer Aluminium Industries (HAI), one of the main producers of aluminum billets from aluminum scrap, implement IQboard at their Sintana site, in Romania. o protect from heat and dust the five 50″ displays provided under the project, Medianet Group, which Qualteh is part of, collaborated with Armagard, an English manufacturer of industrial enclosures with protection from dust, moisture and extreme temperatures.

    June 2015 – IQboard displaying module, developed on Samsung displays
    Qualteh completes the development of the displaying module of the IQboard platform on Samsung technology, providing IQboard customers access to a full range of Samsung equipment (10″-85″). This collaboration with Samsung is not the first for Qualteh, who has just completed the development of the displaying module of Book&Meet – their meeting room booking and  displaying application – on 10.1 “and 21.5” Samsung professional displays.

    July 2015 – New Book&Meet displaying module, developed on Samsung
    Qualteh completes the development of the displaying module of Book&Meet on 10.1″ and 21.5″ Samsung professional displays. Book&Meet for professional Samsung displays keeps all the features of its version for Android controlled displays, but boosts its value thanks to the features of the devices: elegant design, high brightness LED displays, 16/7 operating runtime, VESA mounting system.

    July 2015 – IQboard education pilot project, at Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Timisoara
    Qualteh starts IQboard Education pilot project at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEAA) in Timisoara, implementing the digital signage software module of the solution on existing Samsung professional TVs in the lobby of the faculty building.