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December 18, 2013

Beta version of IQboard software solution on the market

December 18, 2013 | By | No Comments

Qualteh announces a beta version of IQboard platform for manufacturing industry, with database connection features.

“Even if a digital signage solution for many industries, the benefiting industries of IQboard ask for different features, their needs being so different. While retail, education and healthcare companies need IQboard to display various advertising on displays in order to increase sales or entertain customers, manufacturing companies are a very much different battlefield, asking for information to be collected from the assembly line, processed in real time and displayed for immediate decisions and results”, says Moise Jurca, Chief Executive Officer of Qualteh, the IQboard software developer.

Qualteh is delivering a widely available IQboard Manufacturing beta version to enable customers to more easily collect information from the sensors on assembly lines and machineries, generate graphics and other visual materials to be displayed in different areas of the production hall, so the employees stay informed and keep high level work standards.

”IQboard is the most ambitious platform that is already prepared for the new digital area, where everything around us will be data driven, mixing revolutionary internet of things resources in a way that will improve our lives, both personal and business. That is what we aim to do with our IQboard platform”, adds Qualteh’s CEO.

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